New Science Sheds Light on the Future of Injury Prevention

MAP MY RUN—By the time you need to schedule an MRI, you know you already have a problem. You’ve injured something — maybe your knee, ankle or shoulder. And now doctors need this scan to assess the situation and draw your roadmap to recovery.

If only you had listened to your body earlier when it first started telling you something was wrong. But those initial warning signs aren’t always easy to read.

Imagine a world where you could ask your doctor to investigate what’s happening inside your body before any damage is done and then advise you to dial back your training when necessary. The extra rest and lighter training load could help you avoid injury and continue to live a healthy, active, injury-free lifestyle. This scenario is the future that Professor S. Michael Yu envisions. Thanks to breakthrough research that he and his team at the University of Utah, plus other researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, scientists are one step closer to making this vision a reality.

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