I Tried Spiritual Healing In India, and It Was Nothing Like I Expected

SHAPE.COM—In early March, five days after yet another romance failed to launch, I found myself in India having an Eat, Pray, Love moment. Before you roll your eyes, let me just say that the “Pray” part of the book is exactly where I stopped reading. No disrespect to Elizabeth Gilbert—it just didn’t resonate with me. And now here I was on the brink of my own cheesy soul-searching journey in the spiritual motherland while mending a broken heart.

What saved me from groaning at my own cliché story was knowing that I was really in Delhi for two other assignments, covering the growing feminist movement in India. So checking out the new Holistic Wellness Retreat at the ITC Grand Bharat, a luxury resort in Gurgaon just outside Delhi, was a bonus. What happened during my week stay, however, I never saw coming.

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